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Cam Saul

1337 hacker, award-winning designer, toucan enthusiast, known to many as DJ Ael1as.

Cam Saul was born and raised amongst cactii and coyotes in the Mojave desert right outside of LA. Cam hustled his way through college as a mountain bike instructor and waiter, and still managed to get fratty, contribute to a few research papers, and join the boxing team along the way. After one of his weekend projects took off, Cam left Zoosk and started LuckyBird. These days, when he's not winning design awards and writing l33t Clojure backends in Emacs, Cam can be found backpacking, producing tech house beats, doing Crossfit, snowboarding, and volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

Noah Sidman-Gale

Pigeon whisperer, community creator, strategic operator

Noah has been a lover of mobile since 2009 when he and Cam made their first iOS app together at UC Davis. He earned his stripes in user acquisition, community building, and business development going through 500 Startups with Switchcam, and then at Safe Shepherd as employee #1. Noah gives back by helping out at the local soup kitchen and co-organizing the Pushup Charity. He has mad skills at Super Smash Bros. (N64 version of course) and claims that if he were a ninja turtle hed be Leonardo.


Creator of nests, destroyer of pigs, kind of like a puppy with wings

Before LuckyBird, Lucky lived in China Town awaiting her fate of being turned into a pigeon soup. As Luck would have it, Cam was walking around the area and decided it was a good day to buy a fluffy little pigeon. Thus Lucky was named Lucky, as she is Lucky to be alive today. Lucky is quite the socialite - when she's not in the office she can be found jet setting with Skrillex, Mike Tyson, and Nikola Tesla.


Lover of blueberries, Reggae music evangelist

Rasta is the secret identity of a superhero whose power is consuming blueberries faster than your average Jamba Juice. She is an active political advocate, focusing most of her efforts on raising awareness of one of the most critical issues affecting America today -- the suprising lack of Reggae music being played in offices across the nation. Any other jams -- no matter how "rageous" -- will be met with a swift and deadly Toucan growl of disapproval.