LuckyBird’s Apps Reach 33,000 Downloads With 14,300 Active Users

One week ago I was proud to report the LuckyBird reached 30,000 downloads and 13,000 active users. This week, I’m ecstatic to report that we’ve have over 3,000 new downloads and 1,300 new active users. It means we’ve been growing over 10% per week, and things show no sign of stopping!

For those still counting, we’re up to 33 apps on the market (up from 27 last week). With 2 more waiting for review and several more in the works, expect this number to be event higher next week!

Check out our apps:

One thought on “LuckyBird’s Apps Reach 33,000 Downloads With 14,300 Active Users

  1. Mary Ramirez

    I was excited to find MobileNothCounty app for my student’s ipad. We are still trying to figure how it works. I like it maps out the bus routes, but can’t find how to get it to show how to get from point a to point b. Or how it shows the status of the bus. Where do I find a “how to” link to figure all this out? I look forward to being able to use soon!


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