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Survive the BART strike with MobileMuni and Mobile AC Transit

With BART workers on strike,  more than ever people are relying on Muni and AC Transit to get around San Francisco and the Bay Area.   Mobile apps MobileMuni and Mobile AC Transit provide real time bus and rail location data, along with best routes directions to ensure that using Muni and AC Transit is super easy.

Use Muni as an alternative to Bart by downloading MobileMuni

Use AC Transit as an alternative to Bart by downloading Mobile AC Transit

Mobile AC Transit Now Available for Windows Phone

Mobile AC Transit is one of the most popular apps for the AC Transit (East San Francisco Bay) on iPhone and iPad – even though it is a paid app, several hundred people use it every day to get around the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, we’re proud to announce our latest app has gone live – Mobile AC Transit for Windows Phone. The app brings the same great features you know and love from the iOS version to the rapidly growing Windows Phone platform. The app is free, so be sure to grab it today!