10 Days Coding. I’m Hooked.

As the business side of LuckyBird, I had never considered learning to code.  I’m pretty bad at math and the idea of trying to understand lines upon lines of zeros and ones scared the shit out of me.  Then I saw the code.org video.

So I took the plunge and after only 10 days of Codecademy, I have a good understanding of basic HTML and CSS.  I even started doing some JavaScript, which is making me think in a totally new way.  I like it.  I like it a lot.

Is 25 too old to learn how to code?  When I put in perspective, I’m going to be building things my entire life, so I don’t think so.  Plus, how many opportunities will I have where I can be working right next to a programming savant who can give me instruction on what I’m doing wrong and right and more importantly why it’s wrong and right.

So far my fear of drowning in ones and zeros has been completely unfounded.  Coding is like Legos for grownups and that’s awesome.  While I’m still a total noob, I really enjoying being able to write a few lines of HTML or tweak the CSS and immediately see the result of my efforts.  It’s pretty incredible to be able to create things with your mind, and at this very early stage, that’s how I understand writing code.  I think I’m hooked

I want to give a huge thank you to Codecademy for creating such a great service that gives the perfect bite-size chunks of information, while also giving me the immediate satisfaction of seeing and interacting with the things I build.  I also want to thank my cofounder Cam for helping walk me through some of the parts that need more clarification.  Also, having someone that I can bounce ideas off of and talk about theory with is priceless.

If its something that you’ve always been curious about or wanted to do, stop thinking about it and do it.  I recommend starting here.  Thanks for reading, but its time for me to go.  I have code on the mind and its just waiting to be written.

4 thoughts on “10 Days Coding. I’m Hooked.

  1. FabioRosado

    Personally I don’t think 25 is too old to learn new things, even because I’ll be doing 25 this june xD

    Although don’t think it’s all fun and easy to code like html or css but you probably noticed it with a few steps of javascript.

    I would suggest you to try and take all the courses in codecademy, learn python, ruby, php and whatever else you can take your hands on just to get a feeling of different languages and stick with the one you liked better and give larger steps on it.

    I’m currently doing python because I’ve found several other sites with university courses of Introduction to Computer Science which is learn in python, the syntax is quite easy to grab and use although indentation errors suck (really :P ).

    The most important thing of all is to know that if your code is not working then the one who’s wrong is you. Good article and glad you enjoying this new experience, if you need any help let me know :)

    1. Noah Post author

      Thanks Fabio! I definitely know that I am just at the tip of the iceberg…there is so much to learn and I think most people don’t really even know where to start – this is one of the reasons that Codecademy is such a great tool.

      One of the things that I’ve found most interesting is the way that software is architected – and luckily my cofounder Cameron is total boss at it so I get to learn from one of the best. Cheers to always learning new things :)

  2. Jon Shay UCD Days

    Hey Noah!

    Yeah, man. Luckybird is pretty cool. I’m glad you’re doing something awesome like this. I’m also learning how to program. Seriously, I wish I learned this stuff earlier!

    Good luck with everything!

    1. Noah Post author

      Thanks Jon – I wish i’d learned more earlier to but its never too late. Never stop learning and doing new things!


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